IASN sorgt für Fortbildung im internationalen Sportpresse-Markt

The International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN) organizes a Master Class on the coverage of sports events, focused on the existing restrictions – so called „sports rights“, in the wider family of „media rights“ – and how to deal with them. Covering sports means confronting these issues on a daily basis but becomes of particular importance now, in view of the upcoming major sports events of 2010, among which the Winter Olympics, the Football World Cup, the Commonwhealth Games etc. This is why lecturers have been chosen to provide the point of view of those in the press who cover events, on the one hand, and an expert with a unique knowledge of such restrictions, on the other:

  • Juan Ignacio Gallardo, Deputy Editor of the leading sports newspaper Marca, with a readership of over 2,300,000, the highest in Spain for a daily newspaper. Marca is also Marca.com, the most visited sports website in Spain, with over 3 million users a month, and a 24-hour/day radio station, Radio Marca. Gallardo, who started his journalistic career at Antena 3 and Radio 80, has been part of the group since 1991, with responsibilities covering virtually all the departments of the newspaper. He has also implemented Plusmarca, a project pioneering the delivery of information on mobiles in Europe.
  • Andrew Moger, one of the leading architects of the campaigning global network which seeks to protect the press freedom interests of journalists, editors and publishers in the contentious area of sport and other major news events. He is the Executive Director of the News Media Coalition (NMC), the international organization with headquarters in London and Brussels that seeks to preserve the function and ability of news organisations to inform public society about major events of interest. Before taking up this role, he was a journalist and executive editor for national newspapers in the United Kingdom, including The Times of London.

Attendance in this Master Class will provide:

  • Practical information on key issues for the coverage of sports events which is mostly unavailable or incomplete;
  • A brochure containing the main information, i.e. something that participants can actually carry and that has been prepared expressly for them;
  • Contact opportunities in the sports press sector, thanks to the network of the International Association of Sports Newspapers.

The Master Class will take place in the state-of-the-art Olympic and Sport Museum, in Barcelona (Spain), on Friday 5 February 2010, from 11.00 to 16.30. Participants will also be taken for a guided tour of the Museum after the lunch break. Simultaneous interpretation is provided in English and Spanish. Participation is limited to 100 people. Please apply soon if you want to take advantage of this unique event and opportunity, in time for the major sports events of 2010.

More information in the dedicated pages of IASN website: http://www.press-iasn.org


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